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Family of Edward HUNTRISS and Rosa Victoria MITCHILL

Husband: Edward HUNTRISS (1850-1926)
Wife: Rosa Victoria MITCHILL (1857-1936)
Children: Rosa Eugenia HUNTRISS (1878- )
Edward Mitchell HUNTRISS (1881-1957)
Marriage 6 Sep 1877 Cannock

Husband: Edward HUNTRISS



Name: Edward HUNTRISS1,2
Sex: Male
Father: William HUNTRISS (1804-1883)
Mother: Ellen EDWARDS (1821-1887)
Birth 11 Apr 1850 Halifax
Occupation Solicitor
Death Mar 1926 (age 75) Halifax

Wife: Rosa Victoria MITCHILL


Rosa Victoria MITCHILL, 1911, age 54

Name: Rosa Victoria MITCHILL1,2,3,4
Sex: Female
Father: John MITCHILL (1808- )
Mother: Mary Ann MITCHILL ( - )
Birth 1857 Stafford
Death Sep 1936 (age 78-79) Knaresborough (Harrogate)

Child 1: Rosa Eugenia HUNTRISS


Rosa Eugenia HUNTRISS

Name: Rosa Eugenia HUNTRISS5
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hugh BARCLAY ( - )
Birth 26 Dec 1878 York

Child 2: Edward Mitchell HUNTRISS


Edward Mitchell HUNTRISS

Name: Edward Mitchell HUNTRISS1,2,5,6
Sex: Male
Birth 26 Jan 1881 Halifax
Occupation Solicitor
Death Aug 1957 (age 76) Claro

Note on Husband: Edward HUNTRISS

Educated at Leeds Grammar school


1881 census - staying with Parents at Westfield, although his wife (and children) were at her parents in Lillington - probably for the birth iof Edward Jnr, who had just been born . Fred and Fanny Edwards (same age as Edward) were also visitors at Westfield - Fred was an Engineer (born in London)

1891 census - Shaw Lodge, Holdsworth Terrace, Skircoat, Halifax, Solicitor, with Rosa and Rose. Edward jnr was away at school.

1901 Census - Westfield, Halifax - solicitor. Alfred Arnold was a visitor - could she be related to Isabel's Husband?. Son Edward was a visitor at Beamsley Hall, Beamsle, with Milton Sharp


1911 Census - staying with his brother William

Note on Wife: Rosa Victoria MITCHILL

1881 Census - at her parents Lillington, Warwickshire, with Rosa and Edward M(Who had just been born. Father Edward was staying with his parents at Westfield House in Halifax.


1891 Census - Shaw Lodge, Holdsworth Terrace, Skircoat, Halifax


1901 Census Westfield, Halifax


1911 Census - living at West Field. Edward not listed. 2 servants


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