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Family of William John HUNTRISS and Elizabeth KENNEDY

Husband: William John HUNTRISS (1886-1956)
Wife: Elizabeth KENNEDY ( -1941)
Children: John HUNTRISS (1906-1975)
William HUNTRISS (1908-1985)
Isaac HUNTRISS (1911-1961)
Harold HUNTRISS (1913-1966)
Ethel HUNTRISS (1919-1919)
Marriage Feb 1906 Whitehaven

Husband: William John HUNTRISS


William John HUNTRISS, 1886, age 0

Name: William John HUNTRISS1,2,3,4
Sex: Male
Father: John HUNTRISS (1859-1919)
Mother: Jane MORLAND (1864- )
Birth Jun 1886 Cockermouth
Occupation Brickworks labourer
Death May 1956 (age 69) Lancaster

Wife: Elizabeth KENNEDY


Elizabeth KENNEDY, 1941

Name: Elizabeth KENNEDY1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Whitehaven
Death 1941 Lancaster

Child 1: John HUNTRISS

Name: John HUNTRISS3,5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ivy Rosamond PATTERSON (1909-1994)
Birth 29 Sep 1906 Skerton, Lancaster
Occupation Process worker Textile dying
Death May 1975 (age 68) Lancaster

Child 2: William HUNTRISS


William HUNTRISS, 1933, age 25

Name: William HUNTRISS1,6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha RAINE (1911- )
Birth 5 Dec 1908 Workington
Death Oct 1985 (age 76) Lancaster

Child 3: Isaac HUNTRISS

Name: Isaac HUNTRISS3,5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen Mary HILLMAN (1912- )
Birth Mar 1911 Whitehaven
Death Aug 1961 (age 50) Preston

Child 4: Harold HUNTRISS


Spouse: Julia Celina DE BONT

Name: Harold HUNTRISS3,5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Celina DE BONT (1908-1988)
Birth Dec 1913 Lancaster
Death Feb 1966 (age 52) Lancaster

Child 5: Jennie HUNTRISS

Name: Jennie HUNTRISS5
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ronald Whitehead THISTLETHWAITE ( - )

Child 6: Ethel HUNTRISS

Name: Ethel HUNTRISS7
Sex: Female
Birth 1919 Lancaster
Death 1919 (age 0) Lancaster

Note on Marriage

I am guessing that the marriage of William in 1908 in Whitehaven is for this William. The Marraige register does not give name of spouse.

Note on Husband: William John HUNTRISS

It is conjecture at this stage that William Huntriss is the son

However the reference in Simon Giles Website is to Bill Huntriss, and this is certainly the name used by his daugther in law, Ellen Huntriss when I spoke to her in Jan 2002

The dates also seem to fit.


1891 Census - living with parents at 13, Duke Street, Workington


1901 census - Willian Huntress at Cumberland County Industrial School (with 160 others)

training to be a shoemaker/bootmaker


1911 census - brickworks labourer. Living at 29 Court George St, Whitehaven


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