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Family of John HUNTRISS and Katie Earle POOKE

Husband: John HUNTRISS (1880-1912)
Wife: Katie Earle POOKE (1886-1979)
Children: John HUNTRISS (1912-1989)
Marriage 16 Nov 1908 Newfoundland

Husband: John HUNTRISS



Name: John HUNTRISS1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Charles HUNTRISS (1854-1907)
Mother: Caroline Isabel SIMPSON (1853-1899)
Birth 24 Jun 1880 Milton, Banbury ?
Death 9 Jun 1912 (age 31)

Wife: Katie Earle POOKE


Katie Earle POOKE

Name: Katie Earle POOKE
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Samuel POOKE (1849-1916)
Mother: Susan Sarah ROLLS (1855-1930)
Birth 1886
Death 1979 (age 92-93) Bellingham, Washington

Child 1: John HUNTRISS


Spouse: Winnefred E WILLMORE, c. 1963, age 49

Name: John HUNTRISS3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winnefred E WILLMORE (1914-2001)
Birth 7 Aug 1912 USA
Death 30 Oct 1989 (age 77) Bellingham, Washington

Note on Husband: John HUNTRISS


1881 census - Redlands Farm, Lighthorne Warwickshire (age 0)


Newspaper Look-ups From The St. John's Daily News (Newfoundland)

Nov 16th 1908

HUNTRISS - POOKE On November 11th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Grand falls, by the Rev. James WHITTLE, Katie Earle POOKE to John HUNTRISS, Esq., of Milton Manor, Milton, Banbury, England.







Buried at Central Newfoundland - Grand Falls District

Windsor - Old Valley Road Cemetery

Note on Wife: Katie Earle POOKE (2)


I’m looking for information on a family that lived in Newfoundland in the mid to late 1800’s.The family consisted of parents Thomas POOK and Phoebe MOORE (MOORES) and at least three children, William, Oliver and Edgar.I know the following about each member of the family.


Thomas POOK: died before 1875 likely in Newfoundland


Phoebe MOORE or MOORES: born 27 July 1824 in Newfoundland, religion Methodist, moved to Toronto about 1875, died in Toronto 22 April 1912


William POOK: born in Newfoundland, trade carpenter, moved to Toronto about 1875, married Charlotte PRITCHARD and had at least five children.


Oliver POOK: born in Newfoundland, 29 November 1856, trade carpenter, religion Methodist, married Charlotte PHILLIPS October 1882, she was born in Newfoundland, September 1858, moved to Toronto about 1875 and they had at least seven children.


Edgar POOK: born in Newfoundland, probably in the Twillingate area, 16 July 1864 or 1865,trade carpenter, religion Christadelphian, moved to Toronto about 1893, married Mary Simpson WEIR, she was born in Toronto, 28 August 1893, they had at least ten children.He died 13 April 1920.


They may have lived in the Twillingate area although no evidence of this has been found other than a reference in a family document for Edgar’s birth place.POOK is a very uncommon name in Newfoundland.The current phone listings show no POOKs in the province and the only historical reference found so far is in the St. John’s 1864 Directory for a Samuel POOK.The MOORE surname is much more common although I have found no reference to a Phoebe MOORE at this point.


2"Richard C Huntriss".