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Family of William Thomas HUNTRISS and Isabel Ann HEWAT

Husband: William Thomas HUNTRISS (1920-1959)
Wife: Isabel Ann HEWAT (1923-2008)
Children: Richard Thomas HUNTRISS
William David HUNTRISS
Marriage 13 Aug 1945 Johannesburg

Husband: William Thomas HUNTRISS


William Thomas HUNTRISS, 1938, age 18

Name: William Thomas HUNTRISS1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Richard HUNTRISS (1882-1959)
Mother: Georgina FORTESCUE (1886-1963)
Birth 16 Apr 1920 Fareham
Death 17 Jan 1959 (age 38) Durban, South Africa

Wife: Isabel Ann HEWAT


Isabel Ann HEWAT, 1963, age 40

Name: Isabel Ann HEWAT2,3
Sex: Female
Father: Ralph Erskine HEWAT (1893-1949)
Mother: Louise Audrey CROSSE ( - )
Birth 1923
Occupation Purchasing Officer
Death Jun 2008 (age 84-85)

Child 1: Richard Thomas HUNTRISS

Name: Richard Thomas HUNTRISS2,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jewel ELIZABETH ( - )

Child 2: William David HUNTRISS

Name: William David HUNTRISS3,4
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Judith Ellen Collison JARMAN ( - )
Spouse 2: Olga June ELLIOT

Note on Husband: William Thomas HUNTRISS

Educated at Pangbourn College


Emigrated to Australia


In Honours list (mbe)


Married in Australia, but returned to England, and then went to South Africe, where he died.

Note on Wife: Isabel Ann HEWAT



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